As she considered which lashes, she was going to choose initially; Tyhree who has been interested in lashes since becoming a full-time makeup artist in 2013, knew that she wanted lashes that would be wearable on everyone of all backgrounds, ethnicities, and eye shapes.

Founded by makeup artist Tyhree-Shinae Hall in 2019, T.S.H Beauty seeks to illuminate the natural light in every client. T.S.H. Beauty Lashes are lushly handcrafted from 100% sterilized, cruelty-free, premium natural and synthetic fibers.

In all featured campaigns, look books, and product photos, Tyhree-Shinae Hall has not only done the makeup but she has hand-picked each set of lashes to go with the individual who would wear them. Each brand ambassador showcasing our lashes is your everyday real person who loves and lives for lashes, glam, and makeup. 

Tyhree purposely chose these women to represent her lash line, so that you experience a sense of familiarity and maybe find a pair of our lashes on someone who shares similar features, aesthetic, or just speaks to you. Tyhree’s six-year professional career has provided her vast opportunities within the beauty industry, from working on acclaimed campaigns, innovative projects, and with diverse, talented models. However, she experiences the most fulfillment from satisfied, elated individuals who can view their natural beauty (while wearing our lashes!) in a new light.

Whenever you’re feeling down, may TSH lashes lift you up.



I want to thank my team, Erica, Kamila, Nash and Aubrey for all your help and support behind the scenes. I could not have done it without you ladies and thank you for being my second pair of eyes and lashes. I want to thank first set of brand ambassadors, who are my friends who believe in what I’m doing and were willing to be there for me. Thank you, Shantel, Christina, Nicole and finally A. Rose. I truly appreciate you ladies stepping out of your comfort zone to help my vision come to life. You all hold a special place in my heart, and I am forever thankful.